Make Life Deliciously Positive: Boost, Nourish, Flourish

The Flourishing Skills Group Program is a journey in uncovering and practicing the science of positive psychology. It is a 10-week or 2 full days, group experience with a small community of like-minded and like-hearted people. Participants gather with their facilitator, a certified positive psychology practitioner, to learn about positive psychology tools and strategies that they can use to help themselves be happier, healthier and more resilient. Participants get to put the skills into practice in a fun and supportive learning environment. The program covers 10 key positive psychology skills for creating greater happiness and wellbeing

What makes this experience unique from any class that participants are likely to have taken is that it’s small, application-focused and connected. Many people seek out tools for increasing their happiness and wellbeing by reading books where they typically skip over the exercises in the back of each chapter. Or they take a class here or there that may offer some strategies, but again, they rarely get to put those strategies into practice and wind up learning a lot of theory that they don’t apply. And lastly, this group is all about connection and just having a safe space to connect with others and process life, something that’s missed in most people’s day-to-day life. Across the board, people that participate in FSG® programs describe it as a breath of fresh air and an act of self-care that they give themselves each week. The FSG® Model is a unique, research-based approach that’s tailored to help people decrease stress, increase their happiness and wellbeing, in a nurturing and supportive environment.





Learn what the science of happiness and well-being (Positive Psychology) is all about.  Tell strengths stories and uncover the power of focusing on “what’s right with you” in a world that’s constantly focusing on what’s going wrong.



Discover your top signature strengths are.  Learn about naming, spotting and amplifying strengths. Use these skills to become more effective in the world by leveraging what you’re already doing well.



Learn about how evolution has biased your mind and body for negativity and how you can counter this tendency to worry, judge and ruminate by practicing gratitude.  Learn the science of gratitude and novel gratitude exercises.



Positive life events alone are not enough to bring out happiness.  Harnessing these approaches to savoring enable you to get more positivity out of your day-to-day experiences. 



Learn to build more positive and authentic connections with the people in your life.  Uncover simple tools for helping the people in your become happier and healthier.


Many people waste their energy thinking about things they “should change” but rarely do.  Uncover this research-based approach to effectively moving towards your best possible self.



Is your mind-full or are you mindful? Learn about how your brain works. Identify how to redirect and reprogram your limiting beliefs to more empowering, solution-oriented thoughts.



Of course, you can teach an old dog new tricks, you just need to know the science of how habits form and how they are broken.  Learn to identify the trigger, habit loop, and appropriate rewards to break old habits.



Forgiving does not mean forgetting.  Research shows that people who score high on forgiveness are happier than those who score the least.  Discover exercises for letting go of the past to be able to authentically move forward.



Learn the science of intuition and how to tell the difference between the static and the signals.  Practice taping your inner wisdom and intuition.

You'll get to:


Connect with Your Tribe

Learn to Manage Stress

Boost Your Daily Happiness

Create Optimum Health

Prevent Health Problems

Increase Self-Awareness

Gain Tools for Self-Mastery



At the end of the course, you will earn a Certificate of Completion!

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