The Motivational Boost Program is an energizing journey in uncovering and practicing the science of positive psychology. It is a full day group experience. Participants gather with their facilitator, a certified positive psychology practitioner, to learn about positive psychology tools and strategies that they can use to help themselves achieve their next goal. The program covers key positive psychology skills for creating the future you want



In The Motivational Boost Program


You will:


Learn what the science of Positive Psychology is all about, tell strengths stories and uncover the power of focusing on “what’s right with you” in a world that’s constantly focusing on what’s going wrong. 


Discover what your top signature strengths are and learn about naming, spotting and amplifying strengths. 


Find out how to live a healthy life in a world full of competing, distracting and overwhelming signals and stay focused on what is important in your life.


Learn to identify the trigger, habit loop appropriate rewards to break old habitsand.


Find ways not to waste your energy thinking about things you “should change”.  Uncover this research-based approach to effectively moving towards your best possible self.


Explore your Strengths

Learn How to Turn Motivation into Action

Gain Tools for Self-Mastery 

Pre-registration and Interview Required

Sydney, Australia

AU +612 88122497

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